by Philippa Zang

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released March 14, 2016



all rights reserved


Philippa Zang Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

genre fluid and gender fluid fuxx witmee

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Track Name: princess held hostage
theres nothing worse than not knowing what you want
a predicament between the intricate strings stringing together thoughts
they make you feel stuck like theres no way
how could he love me that much theres no way
today is the day my friend returned from rome
today is the day i was stuck smoking alone at home
today is the day a princess got held hostage
its a shame because these days
she’s denied the freedom she outta have
she did nothing wrong now she’ll have to escape because
old heads don’t listen when you tell them your not crazy
like listen to me listen to her
theres no reason to be unreasonable
let me reference evidence on second thought its no use
you can’t be happy if i have no control over you
if you leave a lot
do things on yr own
you can’t be any good
can’t be helping growth
if you leave a lot
its you not me
trying to enclose the peripheries

when i lean against the window my shoulder blades rest perfectly on the sill
Track Name: minds not made up yet
put on pants before the show
my bed seems separate like im coming home
after a long time away
leaves you to wonder why i ever would have stayed
and i can see my own teeth growing stranger by the minute
looking in mirrors seeing strangers swimming through
my line of vision
like my mind is made
my minds not made up yet
probably won’t ever be finished
my minds not made up yet
probably won’t ever be finished

sneeze and release my entire contents
lying on the floor and taking slow breaths
i am not made to spill i am not made to break that way
i am not made to kill i am not made to stay today
here i am do you remember me
insecure, in love, and five foot three
not sure if they can’t hear or just won’t ever tell
but i am too fed up with their shit to ever care
now i’ll try to find a way to move away but
i don’t think my mind is made up
Track Name: v-day
i know what its like to feel good
don’t forget what its like
cause it always comes back
I’m sorry for all the times i acted rude
got high for no reason and then clung to you
i regret not being there more
not being devoted to one thing
not keeping true to my word
we’ve been together for one year or maybe more
but i still feel the same when you say my name
i still feel the same when you leave for a week
the future looks bleak
but theres handles to hold on to!
and bus seats to keep warm
she smiled at me i could have sworn!
but when i looked up she was gone
and yes i’ve given up on old friends
and social media is scary
and i try to go to the gym and be a normal person
but ouch!
normalcy hurts a lot
it feels scalding hot
for a person with low spice tolerance

and you
yes you, can see my writing
i want to share myself
and you
yes you, win!
you’re the one i write songs about

i still like writing songs in my bed
in my home in southside slopes
cause i like to be alone
and fuck all the silly kids from school
who make the rules about whats cool
cause they know nothing
and my uncle, he’s in a pickle or maybe many
cause life is hard and love is harder
he’s a great pizza man
but you gotta understand he crashed his car
but you oughtta see his daughter dance!
i am still not scared to love you
hope yr not scared to
cause i wanna do it for a long time
i think its funny that we might confuse people
maybe we are intimidating or
really good looking
and while yr in the middle of the desert plz think of me
the same way i’ll think of you in hanover
cause you know its a shame you can’t come
we are the besets awkward dance partners the world has ever seen!

and me, i just want to learn spanish
and become fluent in the banjo
and get unlimited mango juice
and maybe become as cool and smart as you
if i really try!